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As modern stocking distributor, "Our absolute goal is to offer all obsolete tuners"

Tuners: Actal type ELC 2004 (= 2000) FE 415-G11 FE 616 repaired (= 618) FE 616SQ6456 FE 618Q/256 FE 618Q/6456 FE 644Q/256 FI  916E phono FI 1216MF MK2 IEC/HM (hor. mounting) FI 1216 MK2 phono/HM FI 1216 MK2 IEC/HM FI 1236 MK2 phono/HM (NTSC) FM 1216/I/HM (IEC / coax) FM 1246/I/HM FQ 816 repaired (ME/MF) FQ 816ME/IF FQ 816MF/IF FQ 816MS FQ 844 coax (U.K.) FQ 916 repaired (ME/MF) FQ 916/LIF (= /BL) FQ 916DME phono FQ 916DME/IF FQ 916(D)ME/S (= 816ME) FQ 916DMF/IF FQ 916DMF/S (= 816MF) FQ 916DMF phono FQ 916ME adapted (= 816ME) FQ 916ME/BL (= 916ME/LIF) FQ 916ME phono (+ adaptor = 916ME/LIF) FQ 916MF adapted FQ 916MF/L (universal for all FQ 916/L) FQ 916MF phono FQ 916MR/L (OIRT) FQ 916MR phono FQ 944/LIF (U.K.) FQ 944D/IF FQ 1216ME/I FS 936E phono (NTSC) SD 1228B (dig. satellite) SD 1228E (double) SD 1228LA (= 1228E) SD 1228SA (= 1228B) SD 1228S SF 914 (satellite) SF 914D/P (upgraded, = 916D/P) SF 915F SF 916D/FW SF 916D/P SF 1215F SF 1216F SF 1216FW 2732 SF 1216FW 2732HM (hor. mounting) SF 1218B SF 1218K (hor. mounting) SF 1218S (= 1216F and 1218B) SF 1218SH/MK3 SF 1237B (= 1215FW 1827) SF 1238B SF 1238C (= 1216D/FW 1827) SF 1238S (= 1216FW 1827 and 1238B) SF 1248C (= 1216D/FW 2732) SFE 212S ST 1216A (hor. mounting) TP 916 U 322 U 324 U 342 U 411 phono (U.K.) U 412/256 phono U 943C phono  U 943C coax U 943C/IEC-L U 944C/IEC U 944C/IEC-L (= 944L)  U 1343AS/I UV1316S/SIGHU3 UV 411 UV 414  UV 417 phono UV 417/IEC  UV 418/64/IEC UV 418/256 phono UV 418/256/IEC UV 431 UV 461 UV 616/256 (616S/256 and /6456) UV 617 (IEC) UV 618/256 (IEC) UV 618E/256 UV 627 UV 628/256 UV 663 phono UV 663/IEC UV 815 UV 816PLL UV 816/6456 (= 616, 616S, 618) UV 818 UV 913E phono UV 913E/IEC UV 914E/IEC UV 915E phono (= 711, 913 and 917) / F 2471/05K UV 915E/IEC UV 4406 UV 916E phono / FL 2471/85K UV 916E/IEC (UV 4404) FL 2478/85K UV 916E/IEC-L (= UV 916MD single, 916S + adaptor UV 916M phono / FL 2471/84 UV 916M/IEC / FL 2477/84 UV 916M/IEC-L / FL 2478/84 UV 916MB/F UV 916MD single FL 2478/84 (= 816PLL, 916H and M/IEC-L) UV 916S phono (~ 916E and H, single 5V supply) UV 916S/IEC U  916S phono - EURO UV 916S/IEC - EURO  UV 917 phono UV 917E/IEC (see F 2477/05) UV 917E/IEC-L UV 934E phono (NTSC) UV 936E phono (NTSC)  UV 936F UV 953E phono (OIRT) UV 953E/IEC UV 954E/IEC UV 955E/IEC  UV 963 phono UV 963/IEC UV 973 phono  UV 1216D phono UV 1315AI (I = coax / IEC - asymmetrical) UV 1315SI (I-SY / I-U) UV 1316AI (asymmetrical) UV 1316 UV 1316S phono UV 1316SI (symmetrical) V 311 V 314 LO V 317 LO